Learning Permits for Beginner Drivers

Beginner drivers need to learn how to drive. From learning driver’s permits to driving tests, beginning drivers won’t be allowed to drive until they receive their license.

You’re finally ready to take your parents on the road. You’re ready to drive that old clunker you’ve been eyeing or you’re just ready to not be the one kind at school who still gets dropped off by their mom in her bathrobe. (Seriously, can’t she put on something that doesn’t have a hole in it?) Beginner drivers in California, and most other states, have a few rings to jump through before they can be legal drivers on the highways and back roads. Here’s what you need to do.

Learning Permits for Beginner Drivers in California and Other States

Before you turn on the car, you need to know what you’re doing. Though it might seem like 16 is a magical age when you simply know what to do when you’re in the family car, that’s not quite what happens. Sorry about that. You need to get into the car and practice driving it before your 16th birthday. So the legislators in the state of California and others states have made it possible for beginner drivers in California to get a learner’s permit. These permits will allow you to drive so long as there is a licensed driver over 18 in the car with you. This way, you can practice your mad skills before you take any tests.

Testing Those Beginner Drivers in California

Of course, there will be a test in order to get your license. You didn’t think it would be that they would just hand you a card that says you can drive, did you? All of the states in the United States require that you take a written as well as a road test when you apply for your first license. The written test will comprise of questions related to driving, safety, and laws. You will need to obtain a certain score on the test in order to pass, and you need to pass the driving part completely in order to pass that part of the test. Fail either part of the test and you will need to retake the test until you pass. This is why so many teens enroll in driver’s education classes. They help you take the test and learn how to drive so that you can pass your road test – and after that, you can promptly forget everything. Well, that seems to be what most drivers on the roads today did, anyway.

What Else Do Beginner Drivers in California Need?

To make sure you are a real person, you will need to present some proof of residency and identity when you apply for your driver’s license. Your birth certificate and a social security card will work just fine. And yes, you will need to pay a fee too. The DMV workers have to eat, you know.

Insurance and Registration for Beginner Drivers in California

Even when you’re taking the driving test, the car in which you are driving must have liability insurance to cover any accidents which might occur. Hopefully none will, but it’s also the law. When you are a licensed driver, the car in which you drive must have a valid registration (not expired) and must have proof of liability insurance. In some states, you might need different levels of insurance, but you still do need some. Your parents might be able to put you on their policy though, but you shouldn’t assume they did it. Beginner drivers in California can be out on the roads by the time their 16th birthday is over. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy by any means – and nor should it. There are enough bad drivers right now anyway, why add more when you don’t have to?

Do you need an in state permit to learn to drive?

Yes, you need a state permit to learn how to drive. All states require new drivers to first get a permit and acquire training. This permit is basically a form of a license and has certain restrictions. You need to be of a certain age to qualify for a permit. The requirements of learners permits vary from state to state.

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