Private Traffic School or Public School Driver’s Ed

Should my child do traffic school with a private traffic school or through the school district for driver’s education? A child can take driving classes through the school district or through a private driving instruction company. Which traffic school you choose depends on price and convenience.

When your child has to head to traffic school, you might be a little less than excited to let them go. You already know how careless your child is with their bedroom, who knows how they’re going to be on the road? But since you don’t want to be shuttling them to their job for the next 40 years, you get them signed up for traffic school. However, there is a choice to be made – private company or through the school district. Is one better than the other? Only you and your checkbook can decide.

Why a Private Traffic School Company is Best

Private traffic school sounds a little snooty and the price tag agrees. Sending your child off to a private company is going to cost more, but you will also get more attention for your child from instructors who might actually want to sit in the passenger seat of the car. Private schools tend to be able to also tailor the programs and the driving times to the schedule of the children and the parents, rather than only offering certain schedules. This makes things much more convenient for everyone – and the child can get their training done in as little or as much time as it takes.

Why the School District Traffic School is Best

Of course, the convenience and the lower price of the school district traffic school can not be denied. Chances are good that your child can simply stay after school to get the training they need – keeping you from having to drive them anywhere. But the school district traffic school can also be a little less than rigid in terms of attendance and teaching, as the teachers are not necessarily excited to do their job. In fact, this job might be the place where bad teachers are left to rot – and share traffic laws with children that don’t want to be in class another second.

No matter what you choose, your child will be given all of the information they need to pass the test – and they might even take the test in class. Handing your child off to someone else for this rite of passage is the best decision you can make, no matter who you send them to. No white knuckles for you – you’re not getting paid for the task.

How much does it cost for private drivers training course?

There are a number of private drivers training courses available. The price will vary from school to school and will also depend upon the type of driving program you wish to enroll in. Some can be as cheap as $20 while others may go up to $150. It is best that you take a look at our page for more information about driving school costs.

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