Traffic School Costs

What are the typical costs for traffic school? Traffic school may not be optional for you if you are ordered to complete the traffic course due to legal troubles, but you will still need to pay for the classes as well as for administrative fees.

Traffic school is something you are forced to go to. It’s not like you’d actually volunteer to head into class when you could be out on the roads, breaking laws instead of learning about them. But when you’re faced with a choice between no freedom and traffic school, chances are likely you’ll head to class. At your own expense, of course. Freedom can come cheap, though.

Some of the traffic classes in California, for example, are now being offered online. This means, you can simply take the class from the comfort of your own home and get this obligation out of the way. Some of the classes are as cheap as$14, so this can be quite a deal for you. Of course, you want to make sure California actually accepts the coursework that you do from that company. If not, you just wasted time and money online – but heck, that’s probably not unusual.

Plus, you need to pay an administrative fee to the California DMV in addition to the actual traffic class costs. Yup, everyone gets a cut of the action from your mess up on the roads. Of course, you might be avoiding points on your license by heading to school, so you’re not completely screwed out of getting something for your hassle.

The goods news is that you can pay for your fees online too, so there’s no need to trek down to the DMV most of the time. That’s the easy part. Learning the traffic laws, being tested on them, and paying up for the ‘fun’ is that part that really makes you rethink speeding ever again. Maybe.

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