New York State Car Registration

The state law of New York requires that a person is at least 16 years old to register a car in New York. Moreover, any person who moves to New York needs to have their car registered within 30 days of them becoming permanent residents of the state. All new cars need to be registered with the state DMV. Cars gifted or inherited also have to be registered in the name of their current owner. It is a prerequisite to obtain New York car insurance before you can apply for registration in the state. Car insurance from another state may not be acceptable.

New York Car Registration Form and Documents

To apply for car registration in New York, you will first have to fill out the MV-82 form. This is available at the DMV website or any New York DMV office. ID-82 is a checklist that should also be downloaded along with MV-82. This is a checklist of all the documents required to establish your identification for motor vehicle registration. This document sets points for each ID and you should have at least 6 points on this for your application to be acceptable. All documents you submit should have the same name on them and at least one should have an acceptable proof of your birth date.

Other documents that you will need to submit include:

  • Proof of ownership of car;
  • Proof of inspection that approves the car’s emission status;
  • Insurance card; and
  • Sales tax payment proof.

If you are registering a used car, something you have bought or have been gifted, it is a good idea to get a Vehicle History Form to see if the car has ever been damaged in any way. Some circumstances may require the submission of even more documents. The document MV-82.1 has more details on these along with instructions on how to fill the MV-82 form.

New York Car Registration Payment

Once you have all the documents, visit a DMV office with all of these. Also take a credit card, check or money order along with you to pay for the registration. If you still have pending sales tax, also take that amount along with you.

My search on NY state DMV locations near Massachusetts led to the mention of surrender of license plates. Can you explain this in more detail?

In accordance with the NY law, you must surrender your vehicle license plates before your liability insurance lapses. Otherwise your registration and driver license will be suspended. These plates can be handed over at a local DMV office in person or via mail to the NY DMV. Afterwards you must remove the registration and inspection stickers from the windshield.

Is there an official Albany registration Bureau?

No, the official department of motor vehicles in New York State does not insure vehicles or the owners. This is done by private insurance providers that have been licensed to do business within state boundaries. However, you must remember that in order to insure your vehicle, you need to have an original NYS Insurance Identification Card so makes sure your agent issues two in your name.

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