Ohio car Registration

If you are buying a car, whether new or used, it is absolutely imperative that you register it to your name immediately. Registering a vehicle is important to reflect accurate ownership and in order to drive in your state of residence. If you drive an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle that is not registered to your name, you are liable for arrest and suspension of your driving privileges.
Each state has its own rules regarding vehicle registration, but the process is fairly straightforward in all cases. In Ohio, car registration is needed if you have

  • Just moved into the state of Ohio from another state,
  • Bought a new or used vehicle
  • Received a vehicle as a gift

In each of these scenarios, Ohio car registration law gives you a 30 day period in which you must register the vehicle with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). In order to have your registration approved, you must supply the original title document of the vehicle. If you purchased your vehicle from a dealership, the dealer is responsible for the transfer of title, which reduces the paperwork for you. If the car you purchased is used however, you will have to obtain the title document yourself. This is a necessary step to complete, since it ensures that the vehicle you are purchasing is officially registered to the person you are purchasing from. Nobody would want to be in a situation where they have bought an unregistered car.

Along with the original title document, you will also have to submit proof of insurance and obtain a certificate of financial responsibility from the BMV. Purchasing a car and having a valid license are not enough to be authorized to drive in Ohio; you must also demonstrate the ability to pay for damages and injuries incurred in the event of an accident.

With your paperwork in order, you will approach the deputy registrar’s office at the BMV and pay a small fee in order to process your application. The processing time for Ohio car registration is normally very short, and you will be able to safely get on your way before you know it!

Can you name a few of the documents needed for Ohio vehicle registration?

When getting a car registered in Ohio, you need to provide the following documents: title transfer certificate, bill of sale and tax receipt, acceptable identification, smog inspection certificate, and proof of residency. You will have to submit all these documents along with a registration fee at the local DMV office.

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