Pennsylvania Car Registration

Pennsylvania car registration is mandatory and should be applied for if you move into this state, buy a new or used car and even when you receive one as a gift. Newcomers in the state are allowed twenty days from the day of starting residency to register their cars.
In general, to register your car you must bring a valid title in your name and Pennsylvania address. An acceptable insurance proof is required for which states that you meet the minimum financial responsibility requirement. You will also need a completed form MV-1. If you are buying a used car then fill in the form MV-4ST. A valid form of Pennsylvania identification needs to be furnished every time you apply for registration.  Out of state cars are required to undergo VIN verification carried out by an inspection mechanic or a notary public. Registration fee of thirty six dollars in the form of check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is accepted. You cannot make cash payments.

After completing the registration process you will be issued a regular license plate. If you want a personalized license plate then you should submit a completely filled Form MV-904 along with the other documents at Driver and Vehicle Service Center. Within ten days of the registration date you will be obligated to have your car inspected for safety at an official inspection station.
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will receive the required documents for car registration from your dealership if you buy a new car. You will only be required to visit Driver and Vehicle Service Center with a registration fee of thirty six dollars in the form of money order or check and a proof of insurance.

Car registration must be renewed annually in the state of Pennsylvania. Before your registration expires, you will get a notice for renewal in mail, however, you should not rely on it solely rather proactively keep an eye on the termination date. The standard restoration fee is thirty six dollars. As the insurance documents required mention the effective and expiration dates you should make sure that your insurance policy is still valid before applying for renewal.

What form do I have to fill out for a State of Pennsylvania car registration?

To get your car registered in the state of Pennsylvania, you need to fill out a form known as the MV-1 form. This form has to be submitted to the local DMV office along with other documentation that proves your identity and residency in the state. To find out more about where you can get the form, take a look at our pages.

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