Texas Car Registration

In Texas, car registration is needed if a motor vehicle has to be legally driven there. If a new or used car has been bought from a dealer, it is the dealer who takes care of the car’s registration and related matters. He/she does the paperwork for the new owner. However, different rules apply to those who have bought a used car from another person, for car registration renewal and for non-Texans who are trying to register their car in Texas.
If a car has been bought from a private party, the buyer has 30 days to transfer the title in his/her name. He/she must take the seller with him/her to the county tax office to make sure that the car’s title has no legal issues and the title is correct. The buyer must obtain a signed vehicle title application from the seller. If appropriate, power of attorney or release of lien must also be obtained. The following information must be recorded:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Seller’s name and address
  • Date of sale

In addition to the signed vehicle title application, the buyer must show that he/she carries a proof of financial responsibility like liability insurance policy, etc.

It is in the seller’s own interest that the buyer transfers the car’s title in his/her name within 30 days. Otherwise, the seller may be held liable for any illegal acts on the part of the buyer (for example traffic rules violations resulting in tickets or the car being involved in criminal activities, etc.). He/she must accompany the buyer to the county tax office to make sure that the car’s title application is filed.

People who are not from Texas and who are registering their car for the first time in Texas need to do the following:

  • Have the car inspected by certified Texas Department of Public Safety inspection station.
  • The car must have a proof of financial responsibility like liability insurance policy.
  • Visit the local county-tax assessor collector office to get license plates and registration sticker. The driver will need the registration or title from the previous state, inspection papers and the insurance card.
  • Fill out and complete Form 130-U.
  • Pay the required fee.
How should I go about the process of Texas DMV car registration if I am buying a used car?

Buyers of used cars are advised to visit the county tax office with the seller. You must bring along a valid title and furnish a proof of insurance. The seller is also required to give you a signed Application for Texas Certificate of Title- Form 130-U along with other documents including a release of lien or power of attorney if applicable. The vehicle must be titled within thirty days of the date of sale.

Can you tell me a little about registering the used car bought in private party in Texas?

Once a car has been bought, registration is the next step to take. Without registering the car at the local DMV office in Texas, it is illegal to drive the car. Car buyers must submit a sales receipt, title transfer certificate, identity proof, and other documents for registering a car. Learn more about car registration in Texas on our page.

What are the contact details of the Bastrop TX car registration office and what other services does it provide?

In Bastrop, Texas, all car registrations are performed by the County Tax Office. This is located at 804 Pecan St and can be contacted via landline on (512) 581-7161. You can also send an email at [email protected] for getting particular details tour case. Some other services offered at this office include vehicle title transfers, the issuance of disabled car parking placards as well as registration renewals.

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