Georgia License Plates

Georgia License Plates
Every state requires that when you register your vehicle you get license plates that identify your vehicle with a unique code. A license plate holds the identification number of your vehicle which is a unique code given only to your vehicle. This code is important for official purposes. There are several different kinds of license plates that you can acquire depending on what the particular state that you live in offers.

Georgia license plates are given to you while you register your car. Regular plates can be obtained from the DMV office while you fill the documents to get your car registered. When you complete your registration, you will get a pair of license plates to attach to your car. For this purpose you will need the following; proof of ownership of vehicle, proof of valid car insurance, title registration and application form, emissions check certificate, proof of person, and proof of residence. With it you will also be required to pay the registration fees.  When you submit all these essentials you will be required to choose the license plate design you like best. Once the DMV office gives you the completed license plates you will have to fix the registration stickers onto the plate and attach it to the front and rare end of your vehicle.

There are four kinds of Georgia license plates present at that you can choose from; they are specialty license plates, prestige plates, antique plates and disabled permits. The specialty plates are for people belonging to a particular profession. The ‘prestige plate’ on the other hand, is personalized with the letters that the automobile holder wants himself/herself. Any obscene or defamatory title will not be entertained by the Motor Vehicle Department of Georgia. The antique plates are for those vehicles are more than 25 years old or have been designed in such a way to match a vintage vehicle.

These are the several ways you can acquire different license plates for your vehicle in Georgia.  In the state there is no need to return your license plates if you sell your vehicle.

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