Illinois License Plates

Illinois vehicle license plates

In Illinois, the offices of Secretary of State handle around nine million registrations related to license plates every year. Once the vehicle registration and title is in your name, you can obtain Illinois vehicle license plates. Two standard license plates are issued when a vehicle is registered for the first time. You are required to attach both of these plates to your vehicle, one at the front and one at the back.

Today license plates are used for more than official identification purposes. If you want your vehicle to display a specific message for a cause or to make it look a bit more personal, you can opt for vanity plates or personalized license plates by paying an additional fee of ninety four dollars and filling the application form online or by hand.

People can opt to provide financial support to charitable organizations by displaying plates that read messages like prevent violence, organ donor, support our troops etc. You can promote drives that spread awareness about issues related to environment, autism and cancer. Of course the campaign that you want to promote through your vehicle plate has to be recognized by the state first.

Disabled driver license plates are required if you have special needs and want to use the parking spaces reserved for drivers with disabilities. The application form for this particular license plate needs to be signed by a professional healthcare provider.

If you are the owner of a vehicle that is more than or equal to twenty five years old and is still in a safe working condition, you are eligible to apply for an antique plate. You will need to fill a verification form and submit a basic fee of thirty dollars for the first year. Each subsequent year will cost you six dollars less than the previous one. The plate will be registered for five years and can even be personalized by paying a supplementary fee.

Residents of the state are not required to return their license plates once they relocate to another state. Vehicles weighing less than eight thousand pound can renew their registration for plates every year by paying seventy nine dollars only.

As I was searching for Illinois secretary of state/motorcycle dmv license plates rules, I found out that I can get my license plate customized. Really?

Yes, you can get a specialty license plate or a customized license plate. You will have to visit the local DMV office and request for a customized license plate. You can choose a license number using letters, periods, hyphens, spaces, and numbers. The charges for such plates vary. For more information, take a look at our page.

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