New Jersey License Plates

License plates have now become a way of expressing your interest in different hobbies and causes, in addition to representing legal information.  Motorists now have the choice to select New Jersey license plates from a range of categories to demonstrate their individuality.

When you register your vehicle, the Motor Vehicle Commission will issue two identical license plates which have to be placed on the front and the back of your vehicle. Only one license plate is issued upon registering a moped, motorcycle or a trailer. The state requires license plates it be clearly visible and any concealment of letters will be considered a violation with an associated fine of $100.

In addition to the regular license plates, you can opt for Personalized Plates or Vanity Plates that allow you to put up a message on the plates. They cost $50 and can be ordered in person, through mail or online. Handicapped License Plates enable a disabled person to utilize special parking privileges and cost nothing. However the motorist will have to furnish a proof of permanent disability. Special Interest Plates can be obtained by paying $50. They have to be renewed annually by paying $10. The proceeds go to the cause that you are supporting on your license plate. You can support an interest like Treasure our Trees, Conquer Cancer, Conserve Wildlife etc. You can also support an organization through Specialty organization Plates. Antique Plates can be obtained for $44, if your vehicle is more than or equal to twenty five years old and the use is intended for educational or exhibition purposes only.

If your plates are stolen or lost, you must file complaint with the local police and keep a copy of it for your record. Damaged plates must be submitted to the MVC for replacement. Motorists purchasing new vehicles can transfer their old plates to their new vehicle. If they decide not to transfer their plates, they must turn them in to an MVC agency. Similarly if you decide to cancel your vehicle insurance, you must return license plates to the MVC. Any display of forged or counterfeit license plates on your vehicle can result in up to $500 in fine, license suspension for up to six months and a sixty day imprisonment. So you should make sure that the license plates are valid.

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