New York State License Plate

Every car needs to have a valid license plate. When you buy a car and have it registered in New York you get the typical Empire State license plates. These cost $25.00 and are issued by the NY Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).
Many car owners would take any license plate that is issued to them. However, some people are very particular and go to great lengths to get a number of their choice and a license plate that is unique.

A personalized plate may cost more, but most people who want it do not mind spending extra money. With personalized plates, you have the choice of either going for any eight characters, as in the standard Empire state plates, or picture plates – if they want to be more creative ones. You can find license plates with logos or pictures, and names of organizations, profession, sports team or colleges on them. With picture plates, you may get a license number with six characters. The prices for these plates vary depending on the type of picture plates you want.

Having personalized plates does not mean that you can go for any number or any picture you desire. There are guidelines that need to be followed. These guidelines are set by DMV and a license plate is approved only if it is in accordance with them.

To save the hassle of sending a request for numbers and waiting for a response, you can also search for these online. An online search can help you see if the number is already taken or not. Other than the option of online search, there is also a helpline number available at the DMV website. You can call at this number and ask about the availability of your desired number. Personalized New York vehicle plates can cost $60 and after this initial payment there is an annual fee of $31.25. For a motorcycle plate you can expect to pay $35 and $18.75 after a year.

There are special plates for disabled drivers as well. Having these is beneficial, as it allows the drivers to easily park in places reserved for them. Other than these, there are historical or vintage number plates for cars that are either almost twenty five years old or have some historical value.

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