Massachusetts Motorcycle Registration

When the place is bustling as Massachusetts, the roads are bound to busy with traffic. Of course the traffic laws set in place by the Massachusetts government ensure that things stay within control and vehicle ownership and use is appropriately regulated. Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation for many in the state and it goes without saying that this particular vehicle cannot be brought onto the road without going through the Massachusetts motorcycle registration process.

According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), a motorcycle is any motor vehicle with a saddle or a seat and has not more than three wheels in use, touching the ground while it is being driven. This means that dirt bikes, pocket bikes, choppers, motor scooters and just about every vehicle that runs on a motor and has less than four wheels on ground comes under the ambit of this definition.

Driving a motorcycle in the state of Massachusetts necessitates a special license or a special motorcycle endorsement of the non-commercial Massachusetts Class D license for motor vehicles.

That said, let us explore where the law stands on Massachusetts motorcycle registration.

Basically registering a motorcycle here in Massachusetts is not much different than registering any other vehicle you may own. You need to start off by getting your motorcycle insured and then apply to the RMV for a registration certificate after completing certain formalities and documents. The RMV will then issue the decal plates and a sticker validates the inspection of your motorbike.

Now the formalities and documents that you need to complete for the application slightly differ if you have purchased the motorcycle from

  • a dealer within the state or
  • a dealer from outside of Massachusetts or
  • a private sale

You can visit the official RMV website and find out the details from there.

Remember to get the vehicle inspection sticker within seven days of registration as this is what the law mandates. This sticker will be affixed onto your license plate. Additionally, remember to look for a place that accepts motorcycles for inspection.

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