Ohio Motorcycle Registration

In Ohio, every motor vehicle having a seat with no more than three wheels in contact with the ground is classified as a motorcycle, irrespective of brake horsepower or weight.

If you are applying for motorcycle registration for the first time, you will have to visit the local Deputy Registrar License Agency. To prove the ownership of the motorcycle, you will be asked for the Memorandum Certificate of Title or the original certificate of title.
You can apply for motorcycle registration in Ohio if you are the owner or have a power of attorney from the owner. Ask your leasing company for a power of attorney if you are leasing the motorcycle. You will be required to prove your identity through any of the following:

  • Driver License;
  • State of Ohio Identification Card;
  • Ohio Temporary Instruction Permit Card.

These documents are required to prove your legal name, residential address in Ohio, date of birth, social security number and the U.S. citizenship/legal presence. If you have a three -wheeled vehicle that you want to register as motorcycle then check the manufacturers’ certificate of origin to see if it meets the federal motorcycle standards.
Depending upon your location, you will have to pay the local tax which will determine the exact amount of registration fee that you will have to pay. The basic fee is twenty eight and a half dollars. You can call at 1-800-589-8247 or 1-614-752-7800 to verify the local taxes applicable.

It should be kept in mind that the registration will expire every year on the date of birth of the owner. You can renew your motorcycle registration if it was registered in your name for the previous year. It can be done by mail through the Centralized System of Registration or by visiting a Deputy Registrar’s office in person. The renewal application has to be dated and signed on the back side. You will also have to pay the renewal fee through a money order or check to be paid to the Ohio State Treasurer, keeping in mind that you should mention your name and address on it as well. Your application will take time to process if you send it by mail, so you should allow up to three to four weeks.

If I buy a motorbike from another state and bring it to Ohio where I live, do I have to apply for Ohio dmv motorcycle registration?

Yes, if you buy a motorcycle from any other state, you will still have to get it registered in your home state Ohio. You have a defined period of time to get the motorcycle registered at the local DMV office. You will have to fill out a few forms for registration and titling, and also pay a registration fee. To learn more, visit our links.

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