Pennsylvania Motorcycle Registration

The Pennsylvania department of motor vehicles (DMV) makes it mandatory for everyone who owns a vehicle of any kind to get it registered under his or her name, before it is driven on the road. In fact, this is the standard law followed by all the states in the United States of America. The DMV focuses on promoting discipline amongst drivers with regards to traffic laws and ensures safety of property for everyone. By ensuring registration, the DMV helps create a system of checks and balances in which liability can be accurately traced in the event of, say, an accident.  The DMV in Pennsylvania also controls and monitors the entire Pennsylvania motorcycle registrations process.

In Pennsylvania, motorcycles are registered  like any other vehicle. If the motorcycle is purchased from an authorized vehicle dealer, then in that case he bears the burden of getting the registration done. He is also responsible for the payment of taxes etc. However, when you make a private purchase, then you need to take care of the entire paperwork and legalities yourself. The DMV guides you throughout the entire process. The key document for registration is the form named ‘Application for Title and Registration.’ It can be obtained from any field office of DMV in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania motorcycles registrations are done carefully and supervised by the staff after a lot of validations are performed. The DMV requires a proof of ownership to be submitted before applying for registration. It is to ensure that there is no fraud involved. It is also verified that the motorcycle is purchased through legal means.

The DMV also requires proof that the sales tax has been paid on the purchase of the motorcycle. The department handles all sorts of issues relevant to vehicles of all kinds, and monitors them over the period of time. The main objective behind all this is to ensure that law is complied with for the sake of life and  property of residents. Without a registration, no motorcycle is allowed to be driven on the roads of Pennsylvania.

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