Texas Motorcycle Registration

Motorcycle Registration in Texas

If you want to operate your motorcycle on the roads of Texas, then you need to have your motorcycle registered before you drive it. The process of motorcycle registration in Texas is not a complicated one. It requires some basic paper work.

A little knowledge about the process can make things simpler and save you a lot of hassle. When you search for information on motorcycle registration, you will discover that before registering your motorcycle you need to take care of some practical steps.

First of all, you should have your motorcycle inspected. This can be done by taking the motorcycle to any official inspection station. An official inspection station is any service station or mechanic shop that is certified by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). From here you will get a safety inspection certificate that is needed for the registration.

Another important requirement is that you need to have the motorcycle insured. The minimum insurance in Texas is $30,000 for a person injured in an accident and $60,000 for more than one person injured in an accident. The minimum insurance for property damage that needs to be covered is $25,000.

The insurance documents or insurance card as required by the state have to be provided when registering motorcycle, so make sure you have them in hand when you go for the registration.  When you are getting the bike registered for the first time, you have to go in person to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) office. Renewal may be managed online or by mail.

The application for motorcycle registration is the same one used for vehicle registration. It can be downloaded from the DMV website or can be collected from one of the local offices. You need to fill the form with required information. The model of the motorcycle, it’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), engine capacity, and other relevant details need to be written on the form. Other than that, proof of identification and ownership of the vehicle also needs to be given.

The total motorcycle registration fee amounts to $30 per year. There may be additional local fees that are determined by the county you reside in. Once you have the motorcycle registered, you will have to renew the registration every year.

How does the vehicle registration sticker that I get when I apply for time motorcycle registration TX protect me against theft and fraud?

The vehicle registration sticker that you receive when you register your motorcycle for the first time have various items of information encoded in them, such as the number of your license plate, the county where your wheels were registered as well as a part of your vehicle identification number (VIN). These are displayed on the top of your license, towards the right side.

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