Virginia Motorcycle Registration

Every motor vehicle has to be properly titled and registered before it can be operated on highways. All motorcyclists who are new residents in Virginia or have just purchased the vehicle (new or used) must apply for a Virginia motorcycle registrationfor the first time. They will have to visit a DMV Select office or a customer service center in person to complete the application procedure.

Before visiting the Virginia DMV, you must first purchase an auto insurance policy that fulfils the state’s financial responsibility requirements. The minimum limits in Virginia are $25,000 of physical injury coverage for one person, property damage coverage of $20, 000 and a bodily injury limit of $50,000 per accident for more than one person. Your motorcycle has to remain insured during the entire registration period. Also make certain that you purchase your policy from an authorized carrier.  You will be asked to furnish a proof of insurance when you visit the DMV.  Alternatively you can pay five hundred dollars in uninsured motorist fee.

You will also need a valid title for registering your bike. If you do not have one already, you should submit an application for certificate of title and registration. Make sure that you submit a proof of address, bill of sale and the manufacturer’s certificate of origin. You will have to pay ten dollars in title fee. Motorcycles are exempted from the emissions inspection, so you don’t have to obtain that.

You must submit a completed vehicle registration application. You will be issued one license plate for your motorcycle which can be affixed to the rear of your bike.  If you want a personalized license plate you should apply for it at the time of registration by paying an additional ten dollars. Motorcycle registration fee is $26.75 in Virginia for one year registration. You can apply for a two year registration and avail a discount of two dollars as well. Two year registration option is not available to those who opt to pay uninsured motorist fee. You should consult the decal that has been affixed to your license plate to find out about the expiration date of your registration.

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