Illinois Registration Renewal

How to Get Illinois Vehicle Registration Renewal

To be able to continue driving in the state of Illinois, you need to get your vehicle registration renewed annually. After you have registered you vehicle in Illinois for the first time, it becomes mandatory for you to keep renewing it every year to keep it valid. While it is necessary to have proper vehicle insurance at the time of registration with all relevant documents proving that you have done so, showing proof of vehicle insurance validity is not necessary when renewing registration.

Register a Non Operational Vehicle

Registration of even a non operational vehicle is mandatory in the state of Illinois and so is its registration renewal on an annual basis.

Initiating The Renewal Process:

Illinois vehicle registration renewal gets started well before the registration’s expiry date. You will receive the vehicle registration renewal notice by mail from the office of the Secretary of State. This is not only to alert you of the impending registration renewal, but also provide you all the necessary information about the process. You can get your vehicle registration renewed by mail, phone and online as well.

Cost of Renewal
Renewal fee for your vehicle is calculated on the basis of the type of plates your vehicle has, as well as the mode of renewal you have chosen to pursue. Remember, that it is absolutely crucial that your vehicle’s insurance has been maintained and will be too in future also. If you do not renew your vehicles registration within 30 days of its due date, you will be liable to pay late fees and penalties, not to mention that you will be committing a federal offence by driving in a vehicle with an invalid registration.

As mentioned before you can renew your vehicles registration in a number of ways, all of them will be mentioned on the notification you will receive alerting you to the renewal process. If you have not received your notification yet and your renewal date is close by, do contact your Secretary of State office in Illinois.

Once you have completed the renewal process you will receive your stickers highlighting the recent renewal and the next due date clearly, these might also be handed to you in person, if you have carried out the renewal process in person.  These stickers have to affixed on the windscreen and you are all set to hit the road.

I need insurance information for registration renewal Illinois with regards to the coverage amounts. What are the maximum and the minimum ones and in which cases do they apply?

Where other states allow for bonds or cash deposits to be submitted by the driver as a form of establishing financial responsibility, Illinois requires all drivers to have liability insurance. In the case of an injury or death being inflicted on one person, $20,000 is required, whereas for more than one, $40,000. Property related damage needs to be covered by a minimum amount of $ 15,000. Please go through more links on this site for additional information.

What are the requirements of having your IL vehicle registration renewal via phone?

Before going ahead with the phone-based method of registration renewal, you need to have some important information. These include your Personal Identification Number (PIN), the renewal code as well as the relevant insurance information. Payment can be made via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or your checking account, for which a $1.75 processing fee is applicable as well. For more details, please click on other links on our site.

How and where i need to go to register a car in state of Illinois?

You will need to visit the department of motor vehicles in Illinois. There are a number of offices situated in every city in this state. To register your car, go to the office and fill out a registration form. Along with this, you will also have to provide identification information, proof of residency, car insurance proof, and relevant documentation. A fee will be charged for the registration process.

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