Michigan Vehicle Registration Renewal

States require you to renew your vehicle registration every year. It keeps records updated. Registration Renewal has become a fairly easy task since it is now available on the internet. A small fee payment is required when you renew your vehicle registration. It is mandatory to renew your vehicle registration as it is a law in almost every state. Failure to renew your vehicle registration will result in penalties and fines. The Department of Motor vehicles of your state unusually sends in a renewal notice in your mail when it is due.

The state of Michigan requires you to renew your vehicle registration every year. Michigan vehicle registration renewal is administered by the Michigan Secretary of StateThere are different vehicle renewal cycles depending on the type of the vehicle and its usage. The state of Michigan allows you to renew your registration in a number of ways. The Michigan Secretary of State sends a renewal notice 45 days before the renewal is due. The notice contains the PIN, instructions for renewal by mail, fees and the expiration date. You can renew your license online by visiting the ‘Online Services’ page.

You can renew in person if it suits you by visiting the nearest Secretary of State Office. There is always the ability of renewing the registration at a Self Serve Station found at some government locations and offices. Another option available to both in state and out of state residents is to renew by sending mail. For in-state residents, they have to send all their information, payment, and proof of car insurance along with your renewal notice in the enclosed envelope sent with it.

For out of state residents a cover letter needs to be included with an insurance certificate, current address and a daytime phone number with the area code. There are different addresses to be referred to for both instate and out of state residents. Michigan Vehicle Registration Renewal can be done in a number of ways depending on the convenience of the recipient.

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