Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal

In the state of Texas, registration renewal is made very easy. The official site of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, or TxDMV, has a very streamlined process in place for the renewal of your auto registration.
There are certain steps that one has to take into account when trying to determine how exactly to go about renewing their car’s registration. These are explained below:

Finding Out Your Registration Status

Car owners who are residents of Texas are legally bound to have their vehicles’ registration renewed annually. The TxDMV allows for a grace period of five days in case your registration has expired. Renewing auto registration also requires that your car insurance payments are also up to date and that your coverage allows for liability insurance.

Checking the Notice for Renewal

The TxDMV typically sends you a notification through postal mail regarding the renewal of your car registration. This notice includes valuable information regarding the details of your particular vehicle as well as other items related to your registration renewal. Such a notice may even mention that the emissions of your vehicle are not at par with the emission standards in Texas, whereby preventing you to carry out the registration renewal process online. In case a person has misplaced this notice, other things such as the license receipt from last year, the number of their license plate or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be used to track their registration and renew it.

Renewal Fees Calculation

Since September 2011, there are three standard rates that are applicable with regards to vehicle registration renewal. A $30 fee is applied to mopeds or motorcycles, a $50.75 to trucks and other vehicles weighing up to 6,000 pounds and $54 for all vehicles upwards up till 10,000 pounds.

Additionally, a county specific fee is also charged that may be between $5 and $11.50. Driving without an up-to-date registration, after the grace period has expired, is punishable with a fine as high as $200.

Modes of Vehicle Registration Renewal Texas

The renewal process accommodates applications online, by mail, or by going in person to the local county tax office.

Can you renew Texas registration in any county?

There are many different DMV offices set up in the state of Texas. Each of these offices may be offering different types of DMV services. So make sure you check which office is offering car registration services. You can also renew registration online. Browse through our links for more information.

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