California Vehicle Codes

California Motor Vehicle Code

The California motor vehicle code is a compendium of laws passed by the California state legislature relating to the California Highway Patrol, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), vehicle registration, vehicle ownership, and operation of vehicles. It also contains criminal law sections relevant to the misuse and theft of motor vehicles. The code is available online in portable document format (PDF) or can be bought from any DMV office. The code can also be bought online by submitting the order form at

The code’s copyrights are with the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles, Communication Programs Division, and Publishing & Online Information Branch. It is updated regularly as new laws are passed regulating motor vehicles and their operations. The latest version of the code is available online and contains two new sections.

Section 38750 encourages the use of latest scientific research and technological advancements into making driving a safer experience for all. Section 16028 was added to the code for the convenience of the drivers to provide proof of financial responsibility (e.g., liability insurance) to a law enforcement official by being able use an electronic device, like a smartphone or a tablet. In pursuance of its strict driving under the influence (DUI) policy, the 2013 version of the California motor vehicle code says that in 2014, Section 23152 will be amended.  Beginning in 2014, the state will handle DUI violations as alcohol or drug-related, thereby empowering it to track the prevalence of drugged driving.

For the convenience of the readers, the code is divided into divisions. The divisions are further divided into chapters or articles. Chapters or articles are sub-divided into sections and sections into titles. Another method of searching for a relevant topic is by looking under the Vehicle Code Index which is divided into the alphabet. For example, if an online reader is interested in knowing about “Drive Test”, he/she simply needs to click on “Letter D” and then scroll down.

The online PDF version of the code also contains “Vehicle Code Appendix A” and “Vehicle Code Appendix B”. The former contains legislations on the use or operation of motor vehicles, while the latter contains legislations on violations of the vehicle code.

Can you briefly tell me about Online California Vehicle Code?

California vehicle codes are basically laws that regulate vehicle matters related to registration, ownership of vehicles, crime and theft, etc. These codes can be read online as well easily. You can download the vehicle code document online in a PDF format. Vehicle codes are divided into various sections which are constantly being upgraded.

From where can I get a free copy of the California vehicle code (PDF)? Will it really be of any use to me?

The California Vehicle Code is available free of cost in a PDF version at the official site of the California DMV. The latest edition is the 2013 one and comes in handy when you have to sort out matters with an insurance company in the instance of a minor traffic accident as well as when you have received a traffic ticket that you feel was been wrongly issued and want to take the matter to court.

Where can I find the latest California vehicle code 2013 document?

You can get this document online the official web page. This document is available in a PDF format and can be easily downloaded. You can also seek a printout copy for any local DMV office. This document will help you understand the vehicle rules of California, ultimately making you more aware and a better driver.

According to the California department of motor vehicles towing codes, does an owner of a private property have the right to remove a vehicle without permission?

Yes, owners of private property have the right to remove a vehicle from their property, without permission. It is always advised to never park a car in front of someone else’s private property. The code for towing vehicles in California is defined in the code section 22658. For more information, take a look at our page.

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