Georgia Vehicle Codes

Georgia vehicle codes are your go to guide for all that you need to know about motor vehicles in Georgia. These are a  set of laws passed by the state’s General Assembly in the form of Title 40 of the State Code. While the code is for all the drivers in the state of Georgia, they may particularly be of special interest to those who are selling their vehicles or handling a traffic ticket, etc.
Georgia vehicle codes include the following topics:

  • Traffic tickets and court
  • Accidents, insurance, and license suspensions
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Traffic laws
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Buying and selling vehicles
  • Registration, title, and license plates

For the purposes of time-saving and better understanding, it is important to understand how the code is organized. The code has 53 titles. Each title has chapters. The chapters are further divided into sections. For example, “40-2-4” refers to Title 40, Chapter 2, and Section 4. Specific laws may further be divided into “a” and “b” parts.
Georgia Vehicle Codes are available online as public service. A renowned legal website Lexis-Nexis hosts the code. It is a user-friendly website which lets you search your keyword directly, which is an easier and time-saving research method. For example, if you are looking for information on “drivers’ license” simply type the keyword in the search window. Since you know that the Georgia Vehicle Codes fall under Title 40 therefore skip through unrelated information and look for the relevant information under Title 40: MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC. Information on drivers’ license falls under Chapter 5. If you are looking for drivers’ license issuance, click on Article 2 (Issuance, Expiration, and Renewal of Licenses). The article is divided into sections.  Or let’s suppose that you are looking for information on change of address or name. The relevant information is laid down under section 33, meaning you are looking under 40-5-33. Similarly, information on the classes of license is laid down under section 23 (40-5-23).
In short, the Georgia vehicle codes are available online for the general use of all, free of cost.

What topics fall under the category of GA motor vehicles codes?

Motor vehicle codes in Georgia are designed to help motorists understand what laws have been passed by the States General Assembly. These codes govern a number of traffic related areas such as the following: off-road vehicles, traffic tickets and traffic courts, traffic rules and regulations, buying and selling vehicles, and licensing.

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