Michigan Vehicle Codes

People from all sets of life and professions are subject to various state laws about vehicles and their operations. Whether you are a private owner of a car or a commercial car dealer, different rules will be applied. How do you know what are the registration rules? Speeding limits? Insurance Requirements? Or even safety measures made mandatory by the law of your state. Each state derives a Vehicle Code that deals with all issues and requirements with carrying a vehicle. The statutes in it vary from owning a vehicle to the misuse or theft of it. It’s a complete set of rules that tailored to meet the requirement of every type of vehicle owner.

Similarly, the Michigan Vehicle Code (MVC) is an act that provides for the registration, ownership, transfer and operation of all vehicles on highways and public roads laws. It deals with all statues in Michigan of providing licensing to car dealers, establishing proof of financial responsibility, collection of taxes on vehicles, levy and permit fees etc. It deals with a million laws designed for the minutest of details in the operation of a motor vehicle. The Michigan Vehicle Code focuses on the emphasis on the imposition of all these laws especially when it comes to speeding, driving under influence and safety measures needed to take along the road. First passed in 1949, it is must read for all traffic police and enforcers, for all new car dealers and anyone affiliated with enforcing these laws. The MVC is subject to constant upgradation because new innovations are made everyday in the state of Michigan e.g. due to the fast pace of technology.

There are different subjects within the book that allow you to deal with your own specific requirements. It is also available online for your convenience. The ‘traffic services’ section caters to police recruits who need to be well versed in these traffic laws so that they can be imposed. Even the magistrates, judges and lawyers find this as a resourceful information tool because it helps in any potential lawsuits that they might deal with.

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