New Jersey Vehicle Codes

Over 152,000 individuals currently own registered cars. Many people in the state use cars for travelling and transportation. . Motor vehicles are regulated by the Motor Vehicle Department in each state. In New Jersey, the Commission of Motor Vehicles is the official department that manages all traffic and vehicle issues. From registration to developing vehicle codes, the commission has a number of functions directly pertaining to the regulation of motor vehicles in the state of New Jersey. .

Vehicle codes can be defined as laws that govern all vehicle operations. This comprises criminal law sections, traffic rules, registration requirements, and all related issues. Each state has a separate vehicle code that is adopted by the state legislature. New Jersey

New Jersey Vehicle Codes
Following the New Jersey vehicle codes are mandatory for all vehicle drivers in this state to adhere to. New Jersey’s Vehicle code is known under title 39. Vehicle owners and drivers are recommended to go through the statutes in their state as it would help them understand what the basic road rules are.

In title 39, there are over 20 pages that list various contents and sections. You can find information on a range of subjects. Listed below are the main areas one should have knowledge of before getting behind the wheel in New Jersey:

  • Words and phrases
  • Licensing and classification
  • DUI charges and penalties
  • Over speeding and highway racing
  • Reckless driving punishment
  • Compulsory insurance
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Rates of speed

From buying a brand new vehicle to taking a breath test, title 39 covers all kinds of topics. Being a driver, one should understand what rules he or she must follow on the road. These rules ensure road safety and law in the state.
A working knowledge of the vehicle codes can help a driver abide by the laws and regulations of the state of New Jersey. It is useful also as a repository of knowledge when it comes to your rights and obligations as a motorist.

For more information it is recommended that you contact the NJ Commission on Motor Vehicles

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