New York Vehicle Codes

If you want to own and operate a vehicle in the state of New York, you will have to comply by certain rules and regulations laid down by the state itself. Collectively these local traffic laws are known as New York Vehicle Codes.

This code is separated into various categories and each category gives comprehensive legal information on the related topic. You can expect to find guiding principles on registration of vehicles, vehicle title information, rules of the road, traffic ticket penalties, driving licenses and traffic violation points system.

A vehicle or traffic code is the easiest way to get factual information about various traffic related situations. For example, you will find under the category of Rules of the road laws regarding speed restrictions, passing, turnings, parking and pedestrian rights and obligations. You will also find guidelines on how to proceed in the event of an accident that has resulted in loss of life and/or property. The code details the official documents that you should submit to the police officers present on crash scene and your various civil rights and options if significant damages are involved. The investigative and report filing procedure has to be closely followed.

The New York vehicle code may vary from other states. Hence it is imperative that you are well aware of the point system applicable in NY.  The code details the violations and their associated penalties. Your driving record can only accumulate a limited number of points before risking suspension. Timely payment of fines is necessary if you want to avoid further complications and can be done only if you fully understand the point system applicable to your state.

The code also differentiates between traffic violation and criminal violations. Regulations are frequently amended particularly ones related to habitual drug and alcohol offenders. Similarly you can go through the vehicle insurance requirements that have to be met before you are legally allowed to drive. These can be viewed under the sub-section of safety responsibility.

You can easily access New York vehicle code online. You can also purchase a hard copy from your local DMV office for only six dollars by submitting a form MV-16.

What are some of the important terms in the New York traffic violation codes?

Some of the most common terms that come into play when you have negated certain aspects of the New York codes are to do with moving and parking violations as well as DUIs. A moving violation occurs when you have earned yourself a speeding ticket while driving anywhere in New York and can entail fines, increases in your insurance rates as well as other penalties. Browse through our site further for more details.

How does the NYS vehicle and traffic law point system affect my driving record and in which cases can my license be revoked?

The New York DMV driver traffic violation system is used to keep track of all those instances in the case of each driver where the vehicle code was not observed. However all license suspension and revocations are not based on the point system alone and can happen if say you have been convicted for violating the speed limit thrice in a period of 18 months. For additional information, please go through more links on our site.

How can I find out whether the New York registration code of my vehicle can be used to renew the registration online?

The New York DMV only allows for those vehicles to have their registration renewed online whose codes are mentioned on their website. For instance in passenger vehicles, only the ones having standard issue plates and having the code PAS or cars, minivans, sport utility vehicles or some passenger pick-ups having personalized plates with the code SRF are eligible for online registration renewal.

Can I get the NY state motor vehicle violation codes online?

Yes, you can find the violation codes online. There are a number of official government websites where such information is available. You can also take a look at the New York DMV website and search for specific information. Take a look at our pages and links and see if you find any information helpful.

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