Virginia Vehicle Codes

The manual of Virginia vehicle codes is a comprehensive and detailed legal document that is compiled by the Virginia General Assembly. In an effort to serve the public, this code is updated frequently. The aim is to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle dealers.  The code is divided into twenty eight main chapters and each chapter is further separated into sections. So readers can easily look through these to learn about traffic laws in detail.

The vehicle code is easily available online for your perusal. Readers can expect to find information on every imaginable topic related to motor vehicles. Most common amongst these are the issues that are faced by drivers in Virginia on a daily basis. You can learn how to go about them without incurring penalties. For instance, the vehicle code will describe the process of vehicle title and registration in detail as well as the associated penalties for failing to comply by these.

If you are planning on contesting a traffic ticket, it can help you out. If you are confused about the application procedure for obtaining a license, you can consult the code to clear your doubts. Those suffering from permanent disabilities can explore their rights and legal privileges in detail. The code also describes vehicle equipment and safety laws that are applicable in the state. An example of this is the law requiring all vehicles to have windshield and windshield wipers. You can also discover which counties in Virginia have made emissions inspection necessary. Other chapters that might interest residents of Virginia are:

  • Regulation of Traffic;
  • Driver Training Schools;
  • Powers of Local Governments;
  • Ridesharing.

At the same time, you can also expect to find information on unusual subjects. For example the code contains in depth information on different roles of the Department of Motor Vehicles that may not be in a layman’s knowledge. It also regulates the conduct of passenger, property and sight-seeing carriers as well as vehicle dealers. They can find information on the required license permits and certificates that have to obtained, occupational and professional taxes that need to be paid, and the operations and services that can be carried out. The actual code will detail much more about these and several other matters.

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