California Vehicle Title Transfer

Georgia Vehicle Title Transfer

A vehicle’s title is the documented proof that a person actually owns a motor vehicle. When you buy a car, your auto dealer company transfers the title in your name. If you further sell your car, you are required to transfer the title to the new owner. A transfer of title can take place due to a number of reasons. It could be because of buying or selling a vehicle, paying off a vehicle loan, transferring vehicle ownership among family members, gifting or donating a vehicle etc. It could also be transferred to a new name if there has been a name change or you can inherit a vehicle. There are a number of guidelines to be followed for a transfer of vehicle title.

For a Georgia Vehicle Title Transfer the seller and the buyer of a car must complete a vehicle title transfer with the Department of Motor Vehicles of Georgia. The state of Georgia requires a Vehicle Bill of Sale when selling or buying a vehicle. This is a document which outlines the essentials of the exchange of the vehicle between two private parties. It will include the vehicle specifics (odometer rating) and the personal information of both the buyer and the seller. The Bill of Sale represents the transfer of the right of ownership to the new owner of the vehicle. In the event if the vehicle is being transferred to a family member, no sales tax will have to be paid. The rest of the regulations remain the same. Inheriting a vehicle will follow a different procedure for which you will have to prove your identity and the relationship to the deceased to the DMV of Georgia. When you pay off a loan, the lien holder transfers the vehicle title in your name. Gifting a vehicle also doesn’t require to pay sales tax as well but the rest of the procedure follows the same route.

Georgia Vehicle Title Transfer for in any scenario follows a number of legal rules of documentation which need to be met. For any further queries please refer to the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles.

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