Georgia Driving Handbook

Do you know your road signs or do you confuse the blank triangle pointing upwards with the one pointing down? If faced by an accident or emergency, are you aware of the traffic laws or safety rules you should be abiding? Or are you preparing to get your driver’s license for the first time?

Published by the Department of Driver Services, the Georgia driving manual teaches you about state safety rules, traffic laws, and signals. Other than this, it teaches you how to read road signs and helps you prepare for the driving test. It even has a separate section for teen drivers which helps them understand how to be good drivers.  Basically, it helps you get a license by teaching you everything you should know before you get behind the wheel (at least as far as the written test goes).

To get a copy of the handbook, you should visit the local driver’s license office. However, since it is also available online in PDF format, you can sit right at home and download it from the DDS  website i.e Of course, you need to install Adobe Reader in order to be able to read it.

Though you can take the written test in a number of languages at all locations, the driving handbook is available in English only. Other than the basic Georgia Driver’s Manual, there is also the Motorcycle Operator Manual for those who need to learn all about motorcycle safety from things like choosing the right riding gear to tips on how to handle emergencies. There are also separate manuals available for the commercial drivers and school bus drivers which educate them on aspects of commercial and school bus driving which they will be tested for in the written exam.

Since this manual can help keep you out of trouble while on the road, it is best to take your time and read it in detail. Also, rules can change or be varied over time so even if you already have a license and think that you know all the rules, is always best to go back and read the latest version of the Georgia driving handbook to make sure that you are abreast with the latest information and that you aren’t unknowingly breaking any laws or bending any rules.

In a Georgia driver manual, on what topics will I be able to get information?

A Georgia drivers manual is designed to help drivers learn about the state’s traffic Laws, road regulations, dmv services, licensing requirements, road signs and their meanings, and more. This manual is a great source for information for those who are new to the state, or are preparing for the written licensing examination.

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