Illinois Driving Handbook

Other than its role as the licensing and registration body for drivers and their vehicles, the DMV provides comprehensive information about driving and road rules in the form of driving manuals and handbooks.  A DMV is a state run body and each state has its own DMV. Rules though generally consistent may vary slightly from state to state. Illinois DMV offers  the Illinois drivers manual to the Illinois residents for their clear understanding of the driving rules and laws to prevent accidents. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse and it is always good for drivers to know their state’s traffic laws, rules and regulations.

The Illinois driver’s manual provides the information a driver should know before sitting behind the wheel of a car. It comprises information pertaining to traffic laws, information with regards to vehicle parts and functioning, pedestrian safety laws, signals, driving laws at roundabouts, crosswalks, vehicle registrations, stopping, right-of-way, speed limits at various points, parking, child safety and laws pertinent to it, driving at intersections and under influence, vehicle inspection, financial responsibility, glossary and other safety tips.

It is very important for new drivers to carefully study the manual and understand the laws and rules before getting the vehicle on the road. The Illinois driver’s manual covers a wide range of topics and addresses all the possible problems that one can encounter while driving. For any driver who isn’t aware of the road and driving rules will be highly prone of getting a ticket or under an extreme scenario may end up getting his or her driver’s license suspended. Hence, all the new drivers must go through the manual and be sure that they fully understand the entire content as it’s meant and supposed to be. As a first stage of getting a driver’s license,  would be drivers are to be tested on the theoretical precepts contained in the manual.  So if you want to drive in Illinois, commit the manual to memory.

DMV Illinois wants all the drivers of Illinois to drive safely and wishes to promote and facilitate traffic safety. The drivers manual is just one way of achieving this objective.

What are the most important signs with regards to the Illinois driver's manual rules of the road?

While driving on the roads and highways in the state of Illinois, the most common sign that you will come across are the “stop” signs. These are usually bright red in color and are typically in an octagonal shape. Another one is for yielding or giving way and is placed at an intersection or turning. Having a triangular shape with the lettering of “yield” against a white background, it implies that you don’t stop but drive slowly and carefully across.

What is the difference between the Illinois Rules of the Road and the DMV handbook Illinois?

There is no difference between the two! The Illinois Rules of the Road are also the Illinois DMV’s driver’s handbook. This is a comprehensive manual and contains everything from how to drive and how not to, to what can constitute a misdemeanor or a felony while on the road as well as rules and regulations about registration, getting driving licenses as well as their respective renewals. Browse through other sections of our site for more information.

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