North Carolina Driving Handbook

North Carolina driving handbook is the book that you need to read as a driver in North Carolina. It is also a perfect companion for those who plan to take their driver’s test in future. The book is available online and published by the Division of Motor Vehicles, North Carolina Department of Transportation.

The handbook is also known as North Carolina driving manual and is divided into 7 chapters. Each chapter deals with a specific subject(s) and contains in detail information on that subject for the general public. For example, Chapter 1 is on licenses. It contains information on how to get a license, learner permit, motorcycle learner permit; what to expect on the driver’s exam; types of licenses and permits; driver’s license related information for non-residents of North Carolina, plus much more.

Chapter 2 contains information on the state’s DWI laws. This chapter is of importance to those who either carry a driver’s permit or license. It is important to know the state’s permitted BAC level for those who can legally drink.  It is advised that the drivers do not drink and drive even when 21 years of age or older.

Chapter 3 of North Carolina driving handbook should help those whose driving privileges are restricted or suspended. The chapter further contains information on the state’s point based driving system.

Chapter 4 has information on general driving skills and how to be a safe driver. The chapter will tell you what to do during driving emergencies like brake failure, etc. and may be able to save your life, the lives of your loved ones and other drivers and passengers on the road.

Chapter 5 is on signals, signs and pavement markings. This chapter must be read especially by those who intend to successfully pass the driver’s exam.

Chapter 6 is titled “Sharing the Road”. As a driver in North Carolina you will be sharing the road with thousands of other drivers therefore for their and your own safety it is important that you know how to share the road.

Chapter 7 is on the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the services it provides.

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