Texas Driving Handbook

The DMV provides information regarding driving and road rules in the form of driving manuals and handbooks. The DMV is popularly known among the public in all the states of America for providence of information regarding automobiles and vehicles. The Texas DMV also has its own services to provide for the citizens of Texas for convenience in driving. It offers the Texas drivers license manual to people to help them understand the driving rules and regulations better so as to prevent any unfortunate event.

The Texas drivers license manual comprises of all the necessary information that a driver needs to know when he or she is on the road. It consists of laws pertaining to traffic laws, right-of-way, information regarding vehicle’s parts and their inspection and functioning, pedestrian safety laws, signals, driving laws at roundabouts and crosswalks, vehicle registrations, stopping, parking, speed limits at various points, driving at intersections, child safety and laws on it, driving under influence, vehicle inspection, financial responsibility, glossary and other safety tips. The manual also gives comprehensive information regarding the vehicle code and the traffic laws.

It is imperative, especially for new drivers, to go through the driving manual carefully and fully understand the laws and the rules before getting behind wheels. The DMV aims at ensuring safety for everyone who is on the road by providing comprehensive information beforehand to the drivers. The Texas drivers license manual covers all the topics, and addresses all the issues that one may face while driving. Any driver who is not aware of the road and the driving rules will have a higher chance of getting a ticket or may, under extreme cases, even end up getting his/her driver’s license suspended. Thereby, all new drivers must go through the manual and make sure they understand all the content as it is meant to be. For all the drivers who have been driving before, they must make sure they know all the updated information. The Texas DMV wants all the Texans to drive safely and wants to promote traffic safety.

Is the Texas drivers handbook a law or is it just for guideline purposes?

The Texas driver’s handbook is a comprehensive set of laws that instruct all drivers and vehicle owners about the dos and don’ts with regards to the state of Texas. Hence it is not simply a collection of guidelines and suggestions but contains information about what can lead you to committing an offense or breaking the law and so is not a law itself directly.

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