Virginia Driving Handbook

Virginia driving handbook provides exhaustive explanations about road rules and regulations that are applicable in this state. The handbook is divided into eight sections and each section gives in depth information about a particular aspect of driving.  The manual is illustrated with pictures to capture reader interest.

On the face of it the information provided in the driving handbook like backing and parking instructions may seem trivial but it can have a huge impact on your safety as well as others.  For instance the section three on safe driving explains in detail the hazardous conditions and dangerous driving behaviors like road rage, and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The manual describes how negative emotions can impair the driving capability and judgment which leads to fatal accidents.  You will also learn about the appropriate ways to go about turns, road signs, signals and lane changes.  In the event of being involved in a car crash, the manual describes the reporting procedure that should be followed.

You can also find information on the use and effectiveness of safety equipment like air bags, seat belts, child safety seats etc. Those planning on taking the knowledge exam can find sample tests in the last section of the manual. Elsewhere in the manual you will find detailed explanation of the road skills test and the vision screening test. The manual also lists various services that are offered by the Virginia DMV and their associated fees. These include obtaining vehicle title, registration tags, license plates, and driving licenses and permits.

Section five exclusively deals with the penalties that are levied in case of infraction of traffic laws. Virginia follows a point system to keep track of your driving performance. Violation of traffic laws leads to the addition of demerit points to your record. On the contrary, if you manage to avoid infractions for a full calendar year, you will be awarded safe points. You can find the exact number of points that are connected with each offense and the duration for which they will remain on your record.
You can obtain hard copy of this handbook from your high school or from a DMV customer service center. It can also be downloaded for free online. The manual is also available in the audio and Spanish formats for your ease.

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