Georgia Driving Under Influence

In the United States, there are numerous cases almost on daily basis of drivers driving under the influence. Driving under the influence is a term used in law pertinent to drivers who have drank alcohol on an a higher than allowed levels and are still driving. All the states have their own laws made in regard to this offense and it’s handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). DMV gives not only vehicle related information ranging from driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and conducting penalties for law violators but is the regulator of licensing permits, licenses and vehicle registration. It is considered as one of the most intolerable infraction of law as the driver not only risks his own life but also of others on the road.

In Georgia driving under the influence attracts a number of penalties. For instance, if a traffic control officer sees and catches any driver driving under the influence in Georgia, he bears the responsibility to immediately send a copy of the notice of driver’s license suspension form to the DMV. This document is sent after the chemical test that a driver is asked to take. He has authority given to him by law to confiscate any driver license and not to return until the suspension period ends. The DMV carries out a comprehensive and extensive inquiry as its goal is the promotion and maintenance of traffic safety. Its vision is to ensure safety of life and property and maintain a peaceful atmosphere on the roads.

However, the driver  can request a trial from the DMV within the 10 days of time period to prove that it wasn’t justified. It’s one of the quality services provided by the DMV that proves its devotion to the wellness of people. The DMV has made its main objective of presenting people with good quality services and ensures that it caters to every query of the people regarding driving and laws. In Georgia driving under the influence has been prohibited and declared one of the most odious offenses that can be committed by a driver as he drags others too with himself into danger.

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