Illinois Driving Under Influence

Driving under influence is one of the major reasons for accidents in the US.  Driving under the influence is a term used in law regarding drivers who have consumed alcohol or any drug beyond the allowable legallevel. All of the states have  severe criminal and civil liabilities for driving under influence. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in each state usually plays a very important role in all such cases, including but not limited to framing of rules and licensing including the points system which can ultimately lead to license suspension. .  DUI is a reprehensible crime for it not only puts the person driving under the influence in danger but others as well.

In Illinois, driving under the influence is subject to serious penalties under the law. . For instance, if an officer of the law catches any driver driving under the influence in Illinois, he is required by the law to immediately send a copy of the completed notice of suspension of form of revocation to the DMV. This document is sent after the chemical test that a driver is asked to take.  An officer also has the authority to confiscate a  driver’s license. The DMV conducts a comprehensive inquiry because it is empowered by the state to ensure road safety. Following traffic laws are therefore very important in ensuring safety of life and property of people driving on the roads.

The subjected can request a hearing from the DMV within the 10 days of receipt of suspension order to prove that it wasn’t justified. It is one of the services provided by the DMV for convenience of the residents of Illinois so that a resident may legitimately challenge an unfair decision. DMV  seeks to ensure that no one is condemned unheard. It ensures that no injustice is done and an accused  is given a fair chance to prove his or her innocence. DMV has set its main goal of providing people with good quality services and ensures that it caters to every plausible problem that people may encounter while driving. In Illinois driving under the influence has been strongly prohibited and DMV has a very strict policy in dealing with offenders who break the law and endanger others.

What is the Illinois driving under the influence law for first-time offenders?

The judges in Illinois are very strict when it comes to sentencing people who have committed a DUI offense. If you are caught while driving under the influence, you are most likely to be sentenced with a misdemeanor. Though a misdemeanor can involve jail time, it is only up to a maximum period of one year or 364 days and so is different from a felony. Check out other parts of our site for more details.

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