California Traffic Attorney

California traffic laws and their violations

Driving is a privilege and not a right. Therefore those who are entitled to drive are held on a higher standard of driving. When a driver is cited for a traffic rules violation, it is known as getting a ticket. Drivers get tickets for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may be more serious than others. Depending upon the severity of the violation, the driver may be cited and let go or his/her driving privileges suspended at the spot.

In the state of California, once a ticket is issued to a driver, he/she either pleads guilty and pays the fine or challenges the issuance of the ticket by pleading not guilty. In that case, the matter may be referred to a court for the trial. Some may decide to hire the services of a California traffic tickets attorney who is well-versed in the state’s traffic rules and laws. An attorney, based on the experience, may help his/her client successfully by challenging the issuance of the ticket. Therefore, those with a solid case may decide to have a California traffic tickets attorney stand next to them during the trial.

A driver who has been cited for traffic rules violation, however, does not have the option of evading the ticket. Failure to appear (FTA) before traffic court after signing the promise and the failure to pay a fine (FTP), are notified to the DMV, which registers it on the defaulting driver’s record. Both the FTP and FTA are very serious offences as even a single FTP or FTA can lead to the driver’s suspension of driving privileges.

The state of California not only keeps tabs on its drivers in California but their driving activities outside of the state as well. Therefore, given the severity of California’s traffic laws and sentences associated with them, it may be wise to hire the services of a California traffic tickets attorney.

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