Georgia Traffic Attorney

The state of Georgia employs a point system for handling violations. You are allowed to accumulate a fixed number of points on your driving record. If you exceed that limit your license will be suspended. In Georgia, this maximum legal limit is set at fifteen points for a twenty four month period. So it is obvious that the best move is to keep those points off your record if you want to retain the driving privileges. Some of the common offenses that can earn you traffic tickets are:

  • Red Light Violation;
  • Disobeying speed limits;
  • Cell Phone Tickets;
  • Stop sign violation.

The points that are added to your record will depend on the nature and severity of your violation. You can opt to contest the ticket by appearing in court on the date mentioned at the back of your ticket. Once there, you can either plead guilty or not guilty. If you decide to fight the ticket and plead not guilty, it is best to hire a traffic ticket attorney to handle your case.

Georgia traffic ticket attorneys are lawyers in Georgia who specialize in traffic laws.They can build up your case by gathering evidence. The legal terminology of traffic laws often has loopholes within it. An experienced attorney can manipulate these to prove your innocence. If you are not comfortable with speaking up in court, your attorney will be able to provide testimony. He will also examine the witnesses and the ticketing officer. If the court is satisfied with your case, the charges leveled against you will be dropped. If you are still found guilty, you can ask your attorney to file for an appeal.

Make sure that you choose an attorney who has the desired qualification and experience handling cases like yours. Your attorney should be able to satisfy your concerns about the strength of your case in the initial consultation. If you suspect that you have a flimsy case, it is better to plead guilty and simply pay the fine rather than incurring additional costs like attorney fees and other expenses as the case may be.

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