Louisiana Traffic Attorney

Louisiana Traffic Attorney

Louisiana like many other states has enacted laws for road safety. Applicants are issued licenses only when they exhibit safe driving skills. It must be remembered that driving is a privilege in the state and not a right. Therefore those who are found in violation of the road safety laws are penalized. Driving offences could be both civil and criminal in nature, with the latter category of offences attracting strictest penalties including jail term, etc.

Someone convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in an extreme case (4th DWI conviction) can be incarcerated for 5 five years at home. Furthermore, his/her driver license can be taken away for 2 years, along with seizing and selling his/her car. To top it all, he/she can be sent to the jail as well. The conviction goes down in the driver’s driving record as a felony. With a felony record, a driver can lose his/her job. He/she can further be restricted from joining the military, enrolling in law, medicine and dentistry schools, etc. Furthermore, some insurance companies may refuse to insure his/her vehicle(s). A felon cannot vote in Louisiana. A DWI car crash involving the death of another person may see the convicted driver being jailed for as long as 20 years. These are all very good reasons to hire a traffic attorney.

All in all, those who are convicted under the state’s criminal and civil laws relating to motor vehicles can find themselves in a lot of trouble and that too for a long period of time. While Louisiana’s laws cannot be questioned per se, their applicability at the hands of law enforcement officer can be questioned and challenged in the court of law. Therefore if you have been wrongly charged with a traffic offence, be it running the red light to killing someone while being intoxicated, you must hire the services of a professional.

Louisiana traffic attorney can help you better organize your facts relating to the incident and present your side of the story before a judge so that you could get justice against the state. He will also negotiate – if necessary- a settlement with the prosecutors for a reduced fine.

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