Michigan Traffic Attorney

Earning a traffic ticket can have a lot of bad consequences. It gives you a bad driving record and leads to high insurance premiums. A traffic ticket will earn you points that will lead insurance holders to charge you higher and also see you as a liability. There are different ways of reacting to a traffic ticket. You can either fight it at the court or accept it. Different states give different options but it is essential in all to come to the court and take action. Many traffic offenses result in heavy fines, loss of driving privileges and higher insurance premiums.

The state of Michigan gives you three ways to plead a traffic ticket; accept it and plead guilty, guilty with explanation and not guilty. Regardless of whether you plead guilty or not, you must submit to the court by the date of your citation. If you think that a traffic ticket was unfairly given to you can contest it in the District Court. If you are unclear as to why were you given the ticket then you can plead guilty with explanation. When you plead not guilty you have the option of being represented by a Michigan traffic ticket attorney. As these attorneys are well versed in their area of expertise they will know how to deal with your traffic violation. Good traffic attorneys can often get you out of the ticket or if you are guilty, they may be able to persuade the judge of getting the points off given that you have previously maintained a clean driving record. As these traffic attorneys know the laws in and out, and know if your traffic ticket can be taken back or if it’s definite, hiring such legal counsel can reduce your hassle and troubles a lot.

In Michigan all such cases are dealt by the County District Courts of the Civil Division or the Criminal Division depending on whether the traffic offense is a civil or criminal infraction. It is essential that you submit your plea to the court declared in your citation before the date. You will have to state whether you want an informal or formal hearing in the court as well.

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