Texas Traffic Attorney

No matter how carefully you drive, you are likely to end up with traffic tickets a few times. These come in the form of speeding tickets, accident tickets and driving without proof of insurance tickets. You will also receive citations if you disobey traffic signals, drive without license, pass a school bus, drive recklessly, fail to wear seatbelts etc.

In the state of Texas, traffic tickets can be dealt with in a number of ways. Most people decide to pay the fine, considering it as a comparatively easier option. However, once you pay the fine, points will be added to your driving record depending upon the frequency and severity of your defiance. Even after paying the fine, you will risk suspension of your driving license if you are convicted of more than four moving violations in one year.

Even worse, some people decide to ignore their traffic tickets. This can result in the issuance of warrants for their arrest. Texas Traffic police is authorized to arrest anyone with an outstanding traffic warrant. Hence, it is a wise move to fight the traffic ticket by opting for legal help since most people are unable to convince the court of their innocence by themselves as it requires organization and collection of evidence and witnesses, and a thorough understanding of the relevant traffic laws.

While hiring a traffic attorney in Texas, it is advisable to consider his experience in handling citations. Most agencies offer free initial consultations.  An attorney can help you in a number of ways. You will not have to personally appear in court, so you can rule out the possibility of missing your work and incurring transportation expenses. Also you will not be required to argue with the judge, traffic police officers or the district attorney. If your case is successfully pursued, you can avoid the insurance premium increases, court costs as well as traffic fines.

There are several outcomes of contesting the ticket. If your attorney is successful in displaying verifiable evidence of your innocence, the ticket will be dismissed or it will be converted into a non moving violation. Sometimes points will be reduced from the driving record. If the municipal court finds you guilty, your attorney can take your case to the county court for an appeal.

While searching for a Texas driving record attorney, I found out that I can contest a ticket. How is that possible?

Yes, you can contest a ticket by hiring a ticket attorney. If you have been given a ticket for any violation and it is most likely to have a negative impact on your driving record, you can seek legal help and minimize. Ticket attorneys defend such drivers and help minimize the legal effects of tickets, and prevent a license from being revoked.

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