Virginia Traffic Attorney

No matter how careful you are as driver, you are likely to end up with a ticket some time. A ticket can be a result of reckless driving or speeding. Some tickets are so serious that they are considered as a criminal offense rather than a traffic infraction. So it is important that drivers have full awareness of the consequences of their actions.

Most people opt to simply pay the fine when they are issued with a ticket. When you pay the ticket a certain number of demerit points will be added to your record.  It is important to realize that the state of Virginia follows a point system that allows drivers to accumulate only eighteen demerit points in a period of twelve months or a total of twenty four demerit points in two years.  If you exceed that limit The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license and you will be required to attend a driver improvement clinic. So it is important that you consider your current points every time you are issued with a ticket and then decide whether to pay the fine and admit your guilt or decide to fight the ticket by going to court.

When you decide to contest a traffic ticket it is important that you hire professional help. A Virginia traffic attorney will know whether it is worth your time to contest a ticket or not. He or she will look at the ticket and the evidence available and make an informed decision. He or she will also know how to compile evidence and gather witnesses to build up a strong defense as they have a thorough understanding of the Virginia traffic courts and laws. Most people are not aware of the fundamental court room procedures. The knowledge about these is crucial for the success of your case. During your initial consultation your attorney will evaluate your case and inform you about its potential for success.

No attorney can guarantee that charges against you will be dropped. That will depend on the court and the strength of your case. If the court finds you not guilty your fine and demerit points will be dismissed.  If not then you will be informed of the exact fines that are payable. If license suspension is applicable then you will be informed of its duration. Generally you will also have to pay court fees in addition to the actual fine.

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