Wyoming Traffic Attorney

Violating the traffic laws of any state is punishable by a traffic ticket. However, there may be cases where you do not fully understand the nature of your violation, or feel that the ticket you have been issued is unfair. In cases like these, you have the right to contest the decision in court, and hiring a Wyoming traffic attorney can help improve your chances of a favorable ruling.

A person is likely to hire a traffic attorney to avoid large fines, points against their driving record, license suspensions, and jail time. Points against their driving record – many traffic violations have a point(s) that is reflected on your driving record. If these points go up – it affects the driver’s insurance rate and possibly license suspension. For example: 3 points for speeding, 7 points for DUI/DWI (driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated), 1 point for failure to stop at a stop sign. If a person gets one of these then these points are added to the driver’s driving record, the higher the points the more an insurance company finds you as a riskier driver to insure (more likely to get involved in an accident and file a claim), so they will raise the driver’s premium to compensate for the presumed added risk.  Also, many states (if not all) will suspend a driver’s license if a driver accumulates too many point within a certain time period (usually a year). Let us say it is 12 points – if a driver gets a DUI and 2 speeding tickets – the point total is 13, so the state will suspend the driver’s license. This is where traffic attorneys can help.

Hiring a Wyoming traffic attorney is a recommended choice if you decide to contest your case in court. While it does not guarantee surefire success, the chances of your penalty being reduced or possibly waived are improved significantly. Having a person who understands the legal system and is used to dealing with it on a daily basis means you are in safe hands.
Another reason to hire professional legal expertise is the convenience that the option offers you. A traffic attorney will also negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutors. .

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