Michigan Traffic Laws

Traffic laws in every state define a system of road rules and ethic that need to be followed by each individual driving in that state. Traffic rules define the ethics of driving and help maintain a safe environment for everybody to drive in. It is essential that these traffic rules are followed. If not, it may lead to a chain of unfortunate events that may cause serious harm and cause fatalities in life threatening accidents. Traffic laws include laws like speeding limits, licensing requirements, driving under influence prohibition etc. These laws keep drivers in control and prevent them from adhering to harmful ways while driving. The negligence of any driver on the road will lead to accidents.

Michigan traffic laws are enforced very strictly with all their drivers in the state. The Michigan traffic laws are included in the ‘Michigan Vehicle Code’. This involves information regarding rules of the road, speeding limits, equipment and lighting, safety belts and child restraints, use of phones and tinted windows etc. There are very strict laws regarding those drivers who adhere to aggressive driving and are intoxicated while driving. Failure to follow any of these rules leads to a number of penalties that are to be dealt with by the ignorant driver. The ‘Traffic Service Section’ provides the information regarding these laws to police officers, magistrates, judges etc for legal purposes. Police officers may review it to be able to enforce these laws efficiently while patrolling the roads. These traffic laws also entail a point system where any civil or criminal infraction or misdemeanor while driving will lead to the earning of points. These points serve as the individuals driving record and may be reviewed by employers or insurance companies to see how responsible as an individual and driver you really are. For this very purpose it is important that you stick to following these traffic rules.

If you are a resident of Michigan and drive any motor vehicle and you fail to follow the Michigan traffic laws, you will face jail time, community service hours, suspension of your license or heavy payments of fines depending on the felony that has occurred.


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