New York State Traffic Laws

New York is one of the busiest cities of America with a lot happening around it. A large number of people travel through cars and other types of vehicles such as taxis and buses. In such a state, it is imperative that people follow certain traffic laws to prevent any unfortunate events such as accidents or collisions. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a federal organization that provides information regarding vehicles and problems pertinent to them. The DMV New York provides comprehensive information to people on how to manage their vehicle property in New York and has devised certain New York traffic laws that aid people in driving safely.

New York traffic laws are maintained and monitored by the state DMV. These address all rules and regulations related to driving. The DMV provides detailed information in the form of the New York Driving Handbook that describes how a driver is required to drive on the roads of New York. It aims at promoting traffic safety to prevent damage to life and property.  The handbook includes details such as how to drive at different points, for example, on intersections. Besides that, it includes general rules relevant to driving such as talking on phone and the use of a car seat for a child.

Other laws set by the state of New York include the use of indicators when turning the car either way, rules on passing a car in front of you safely, moving in a slow lane, and traffic control signs and signals.

New York traffic laws can be easily accessed from the online DMV website. It provides useful links to help people obtain all the information related to traffic laws. Being aware of the traffic laws saves a person from many unforeseen incidents and penalties for breaking laws such as the suspension of a driver’s license and vehicle registration. Most importantly, accidents and collisions that may end up causing damage to life or property can be avoided if one is aware of the traffic laws. The DMV, therefore, focuses on drivers’ safety and smooth flow of traffic.

What are the DMV traffic laws New York regarding over speeding?

The New York DMV enforces a comprehensive set of traffic laws that are meant to be observed all across the state. The ones related to speeding state that the maximum allowed speed limit is 65 mph all over the state. However, this speed limit is lowered to 55 mph on rural roads and even further to 30 mph on city streets. Check out our website further for more information.

Where can I get information on the New York traffic rules and regulations?

The New York DMV compiles and publishes the Vehicle and Traffic Law in the form of a book. This book can be order via postal mail from the DMV at a cost of $6 for each copy. To request a copy of this book, you need to complete the requested information in the form MV-15 and check the box where it says “Vehicle and Traffic Law books” and then send a check or a money order for the fee.

Do the NY state traffic laws allow the use of using electronic portable devices while driving a vehicle?

The traffic laws of the NY state clearly prohibit the usage of electronic portable devices, with the exception that they are being used with a hands-free accessory, such as in the case of a cell phone. Hence even texting on your cell phone or PDA is not allowed and neither are handheld gaming machines.

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