Ohio Traffic Laws

Ohio traffic laws are comprehensive and fines are usually imposed to keep drivers in check.  Many of us must have read  these Ohio traffic laws and fines during our Driver Education Course. You can review those regulations again through the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws and the Commercial Driver License Manual.

The most important laws are regarding the driver license, vehicle title and registration. The laws govern the rules both for the residents of the state as well as the new comers. They come in the form of restrictions, testing and application procedures and exemptions related to the driving privileges. These laws also explain rules regarding lane changes, stopping, speeding limits, parking directions, child restraints and turns. You can also find in depth information on serious situations like car crashes and how to report them.

Travelling in a vehicle that is deemed unsafe after inspection is prohibited in Ohio. In addition to this there are laws detailing the specific requirements that different vehicle parts need to fulfill (like steering wheel, bumper, lights, seat belts).  Motor vehicles are inspected by The Ohio State Highway Patrol. If it is found that your vehicle is faulty or does not meet the criteria set by the director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, you will be cited into court depending upon the severity of defect. At the very least you will be given a defect notification.

Violations are dealt with strictly. For example if you drive a vehicle during its suspension period, you will be fined one thousand dollars and an additional one year suspension. Some other common breaches include failure to maintain minimum financial responsibility, knowingly allowing a minor to obtain alcohol using your driver license, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and refusing the BAC test. The exact amount of fine, suspension and jail time will depend on your prior number of convictions in the last six years.

The state follows a point system which regulates that anyone accumulating more than twelve points will face a suspension of driving privileges for six months. They will also have to pay the reinstatement fee of forty dollars. A detailed list of all the six, four and two point violations can be found in Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws.

I want to know what are the Ohio traffic laws motor vehicle, will a manual be of any help?

Yes, an Ohio drivers manual is a helpful resource. This manual contains information about traffic laws and road rules in the state. You can get a copy from the dmv office in your area or even download it online in a PDF format. To find out more, browse through our pages.

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