California Traffic Tickets

How to Contest Traffic Tickets in California
Getting a traffic ticket is not as minor a thing as most people would want you to believe. A lot could go terribly with you getting a traffic ticket, especially in California. To begin with, you could end up losing your license. Your insurance rates could hit the roof, or your insurance company could cancel your coverage.

In spite of all that can go wrong, a lot of people think there is nothing they can do about fighting a traffic ticket in California, but the fact of the matter is that there are steps you can take to get a traffic ticket dismissed or have the fine reduced. Here are some suggestions on what you can do.

Start off by writing to the court and pleading “Not Guilty” and demand a trial by declaration. To do so, you will need to fill out a “TR-205 Request for Trial by Written Declaration” form. Explain your case as thoroughly as possible on this form. This will enable you to challenge your ticket in writing, and you might just be able to get it dismissed. Remember to note the due date of the declaration, since if you miss the due date, you miss your chance of declaration. If the officer, who gave you the ticket, fails to submit the proper paperwork pertaining to your ticket by this date, your case will be automatically dismissed.

Ensure that the TR-205 form is sent through certified mail along with any evidence you may want to disclose to the court and your bail payment. Bail payment is usually the same amount as the ticket you were given and completely refundable if you win the case.

Now starts the waiting game, so wait patiently for the court’s decision in this regard. Even if you lose the case but the fine gets reduced, you might want to accept the verdict.

In case you are found guilty, you may request a “trial de nova” by filling out a TR-220 form within 20 days of the first trial. This time you will have to repeat the same procedure of writing to the court. However, this time you should try to get as many continuances as you can by claiming unavailability. The reason is because the longer this case drags on, the more chances of the officer missing one of these court dates. If that happens, your case will be dismissed.

Can state of CA go into your savings for a traffic ticket?

The Department of Vehicles in California does not have the right to go into your savings or bank account for the payment of a traffic ticket. If you are given a traffic violation ticket, you are solely responsible for paying the ticket. If you want to get more information about CA traffic rules and tickets, feel free to go through our website.

Is it possible to pay a dmv traffic ticket California online?

It is possible to pay a traffic ticket online. However, such online services are not available throughout the state of California. Whether you can pay the ticket online or not will depend upon which county you live in. Find out how and where you can pay a traffic ticket by browsing through our website. We offer a lot of detailed information regarding traffic violations and tickets in CA.

I am trying to find out how to fill tr 220 form. Can you tell me what this form is used for?

If you are contesting a traffic ticket and think you have been wrongly accused of a traffic violation, you can take a few steps to either get the ticket dismissed, or have the fine reduced. If still you are declared as guilty, you can fill out a TR-220 form for re-trail. This form is also available online. Find out more about this at our site.

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