Georgia Traffic Tickets

Each of the states in America has independently defined laws regarding appropriate driving behavior. Adhering to these laws is absolutely necessary if you wish to continue driving within the state; failure to do so results in the issuance of traffic tickets.

In the state of Georgia, traffic tickets are issued in accordance with the kind of violation that has been committed. Broadly, these violations are categorized into minor infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies in the order of increasing severity. Speeding, driving without your headlights on, or driving under the influence may be considered as infractions, while multiple offences and demonstrating a willful disregard for public safety are grounds for a felony. You can also be issued a traffic ticket for not carrying your vehicle’s registration and insurance documents.

Most commonly, traffic tickets work by penalizing the violator by assigning negative points on their driving record, along with a small fine. These fines are paid off at the designated state traffic court. As points accumulate on your record, harsher penalties may be applicable, such as suspension of your driving license for a month to as many as five years. Much like other states, Georgia traffic tickets contain complete information regarding the time and nature of the violation, the penalizing officer, and require your signature as binding proof. They also guide you to the nearest court you must approach to pay your fine, and the points the infraction has cost you. If you feel that you have been penalized wrongfully, you can contest the decision of the officer in a traffic court, and also hire an attorney to represent your case. In Georgia, traffic tickets are awarded based on violations of the state’s law, and this law is applicable on you whether you are a resident or a visitor.

Traffic tickets are a necessary tool to enforce traffic laws within a state. They help to deter crime and keep reckless drivers off the road. This creates a safer driving environment for you and other motorists on the road.

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