Illinois Traffic Tickets

The state of Illinois uses radars and speed cameras mounted on police vans, along with thousands of traffic police officers to monitor the vehicles, so the chances of getting away with an offense are almost negligible. It is important that you follow all the rules and regulations, if you want to retain your driving privileges.

Traffic tickets can be the outcome of violations like reckless driving, disobeying speed limits, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, disobeying traffic signs and signals, street racing and refusing or failing an alcohol/drug test.

If you are pulled over by a traffic police officer for a violation of the traffic laws, you will be required to sign the ticket that you are issued. This serves to confirm that you are aware of the charges leveled against you. You can then decide whether to pay the fine or look for other options. The fine can be paid through mail, online or in person. But paying the fine is an acknowledgement of guilt. You will have the points added to your driving record. Depending upon the severity of your violation, you can get from five to fifty points which in turn determine the fine you will have to pay.

Most people are right in dreading Illinois traffic tickets. The state uses a point system which details that if fifteen or more points are accumulated on a driving record, the license will be suspended or revoked. For a first time offense, it will be suspended for two to twelve months. Repeat offenders will face suspension ranging from four to twelve months. Commercial drivers and drivers under the age of twenty one years will face even stricter actions. Your local DMV office can help you in determining your current points. Point accumulation also counts towards escalating auto insurance rates.

In Illinois, if you do not want the conviction to appear in your record, you can ask for court supervision. Most courts offer you to take up the option of defensive driving school twice a year. For this, firstly you will have to obtain court permission. Then you will have to complete a court approved defensive driving course in the time allotted and submit the proof of completion to the court. For more serious offences, you can hire a traffic attorney to back you in the legal proceedings.

As I was reading about Columbia Illinois traffic/tickets records, I came across the term "point system". Can you tell me what this is?

The motor vehicle department of Illinois uses a point system to manage a driver’s record. There are a total of fifteen points that need to be accumulated in order to get a license suspended. Every time a driver violates a rule and receives a ticket, he or she receives a point. To learn more about this system, take a look at our site.

As I searching for speed camera ticket in Illinois on driving record, I came across license suspension. What is this?

There are certain speed limits in the state of Illinois. All vehicle drivers must keep within the speed limits when driving. Anyone caught over speeding or under speeding will be issued a speed ticket. If a person accumulates over 15 points for such violations on his driving record, his or her license will be suspended. They will have to re-take drivers education classes and the test to get their license back.

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