Michigan Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket can affect you in ways that you don’t realize. You may think it just as a petty amount for traffic violation but it affects can be more far fetched than that. Whenever you get a traffic ticket, depending on its severity, you also get points. Points go on your driving record showing what kind of and how many traffic violations you have made. Exceeding a certain limit will lead to the suspension of your driving license. The greatest disadvantage of getting a traffic ticket will be the impact it has on your insurance holder. If you are looking to buy for an insurance policy, the first thing they are going to look at is your driving record. If you have a bad driving record you are possibly going to loose on any discounts that they may offer to a person with a clean driving record. If you are already insured, your company could mandate a raised premium because of you earning points.

Michigan traffic ticket also operates on a point system. All traffic violations will lead you to earning points e.g. two points for speeding, three points disobeying a traffic signal, four for failing to give way to an emergency vehicle and six for leaving the scene of an accident. If you happen to receive four points within a two year span the secretary of State (SOS) will send you a warning letter. On reaching twelve points they will require you to retake the drivers test exam. As Michigan is a state where having insurance is mandatory, all registered vehicle owners will find them in a fix if they earn traffic tickets. If your insurance holder starts viewing you as a reckless driver you will face increased premiums. You will also be on the verge of getting your Michigan drivers license suspended.

It is thus very important to understand the ramification of getting a Michigan traffic ticket. The state is very strict about enforcing traffic laws and a constant irresponsible behaviour will lead to the revocation of your driving license completely. If you think that you were unfairly given a traffic ticket, you can contest it in the District Court’s Criminal or Civil Division.

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