California DMV Change of Address

When moving to another city or state or even a new address, it is mandatory to notify the DMV office within 10 days. The DMV must be notified of the new address. This is done for the sake of driver license, California identification card and vehicle(s). The DMV, however, does not issue a new driver license or identification card. The person may decide to record his/her new address on the back of his/her driver license or identification card.

Notification of the change of address is a free of charge service wherein the notifier may decide to stop by at his/her local DMV office and notify the change of address in person. In that case, the DMV will give him/her a Change of Address Certificate (DL 43). Change of address can also be notified online at The person also has the option of downloading the Notice of Change of Address (DMV 14) Form and mailing to the address on the form. The form can further be obtained by calling at 1-800-777-0133.

California DMV Change of Address Form

DMV 14 form is a simple, one-page form with the following sections:

  • Personal information
  • Voter Change of Address
  • New or Correct Residence Address
  • New or Correct Mailing Address
  • Vehicles, Vessels, or Placards Owned By You
  • Leased Vehicles
  • Location of Trailer Coach or Vessel
  •  Old Address

California DMV Change of Address Online

The service is available to the general public with the exception of following categories:

  • Those with outside of United States address
  •  Those with an Army Post Office or Fleet Post Office Address
  •  Those with commercial driver license (CDL) issued by the state of California but with a residency of another state
  • Those who do not have a Social Security Number
  •  Those who do not have a California Driver License and/or California Identification CardRegistered voters in California may authorize the DMV to notify the Secretary of State of a voter change of address if moving within the same county. However, registered voters who have moved to another county must complete and submit a new voter registration application.


Do I need to go to the local DMV office in person in order to get a CA DMV drivers license address change?

No you don’t need to visit the DMV offices just to have the address changed on your CA DMV Driver’s license. You can either do this through mail or via the online Change of Address System. For doing it through mail, you first need to download the form and then mail it to the particular address. With the online system, it will take up to three days for your details to be updated.

As I was reading about CA dmv submit change of address online, I came across the forms needed to be filled out for this. Can name which form?

If you have changed your address and need to get this information updated on your license, you will have to fill out a change of address form (DMV 14). This form is available at the DMV office and can also be filled out online. To learn more about of change of address forms, browse through our pages.

What can you tell me about California dmv license card change of address?

A DMV 14 form has to filled out to change the address on a license card. This form is also known as a change of address form and can be found at the local DMV office. The process can also be competed online, but this service is not available everywhere. To find out more about this topic, feel free to browse through our pages.

What is the process of changing drivers license to California from out of state?

If you have moved to California, you must get your address changed on your license within 10 days. You will have to visit the local DMV office and fill out change of address forms. These forms are verified and checked by the MDV authority. Usually a few must also be paid for changing data on your license. Learn more on our pages.

What is the basic name of the CA dmv change address form?

A change of address form is also known as the DMV-14. This form is to be filled out by individuals who need to change their address information on their license cards. The forms are available at the DMV office or online. If you want to find out how the change of address procedure works, look through our pages.

How is a CA dmv change address online process more convenient?

Due to busy schedules and work routines, many individuals find it hard to take out the time to visit a local DMV office. Online services for change of address, license renewals etc have added to the convenience, allowing individuals to fill out forms online from any location. Find out more about online address change on our pages.

As I was reading about California dmv out of state mailing address, I came across license renewal. When do I have to get my license renewed?

Driving licenses have an expiry date. All drivers must get their licenses renewed before the expiry date. Usually, a license expires five years after it has been issued. The process for renewal is fairly simple and can be done in person, online, or through mail. Learn about license renewal requirements on our site.

Is the process for dmv change of address for drivers license simple?

Yes, the process for change of address is very simple. Drivers who need to get heir address changed must visit the local DMV office and fill out change of address forms. A fee must be paid to acquire these forms. Data such as social security number, identity card, and residency must be provided accurately.

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